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The year is 1914. The rapid development of the second industrial revolution has thrown the world into chaos. Empires are fighting for a new distribution of power. Technologies are being developed at an unprecedented rate to keep up with the arms race. One machine rises to the top on the battlefield.

Introducing the Iron chariot. A manned bipedal platform on the bleeding edge. Fast, agile, durable, modular and packing a powerful punch. Designed to tackle any infantry, trench, nest, bunker or tank. It is the spearhead of any battalion on the front lines. Have a look inside to familiarize yourself.



*All content is rendered in engine and subject to change.


Virtual reality will allow you look around the cockpit and take full control of this machine. Manipulate the physical tactile levers, valves, triggers, hinges and other objects inside to operate. This is a simulator-esk game with the feel of a modern FPS. You can play it seated with any headset supporting motion controllers.



Individual components can get damaged. You will be able to repair them manually or find a checkpoint where you can get serviced. If you neglect repairs for too long you might receive irreparable damage.


To make your job easier you will be in charge of a crew. They will handle most of the manual labor for you. Order them to reload, fire or repair with a click the button. If a crew mate gets injured you will have to perform certain actions yourself like loading the cannon. You will have the ability to turtle and deal with any outstanding issues whilst taking minimal damage.



You are the spearhead of a battalion. Meaning you will have to clear out dangers before you send in the rest of your units. Use a whistle to order them to charge.




Some of the enemies you will be facing include infantry, armored cars, anti-tank, light tanks, heavy infantry, heavy tanks, Machine gun nests, mortars nests, bunkers, fortified settlements and much more. This wide array of enemies present you with different challenges.

For example, infantry will charge towards you. If they reach your machine you might have to use your pistol. Machine guns will slowly damage your components and crew. Cannon fire will do damage to your components and hull. And snipers might target your crew directly.



Offensive – As the spearhead of a battalion you will be in charge of a constantly moving front line. Clear out defensive structures before before sending it the rest of your units to minimize losses on the battlefield.

Defensive – The enemy will send waves of enemies to push back the front line. Try and repel the offensive to keep your gains in the battlefield. At the end of the mission you will have to face a unique “boss” battle. Win it to cement your victory.



During the decades long campaign there are several upgrade trees to invest in. You are free to mix and match. But will have to commit to certain research and development trees.

You might choose between armor or speed, damage or volume, automation or efficient workforce, every direction will have pros and cons. As well as changing certain cosmetics.